Unpacking Service

If you want us to open the box of a new figure after your order before shipping to make sure it has no manufacturer's flaws, just leave a message in the comment section of the order form. When ​we find ​something we suspect as a manufacturer’s flaw​, we will help you to claim it to the manufacturer​ and ask for the replacement. We pay utmost attention in opening and re-packing the figure but;
  • Tapes will be cut and the sheets covering the figure will be removed.
  • The plastic bags which contain small parts and accessories will not be opened.
  • Assembly parts, if any, will be left as they are without being assembled.
Make sure that the figure you ordered is within the warranty period. Most of the warranty period is ONE YEAR after the figure's release.
Also remember that on rare occasions ​the ​manufacturer​ may reject your claim which is too small to be accepted as a ​​flaw in their standpoint. Then we will ship ​the figure as it is.​

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